My staff is so sad and mute !
  • Are you tired of usual music without ideals which often leaves you nothing inside?
  • Are you searching for songs to use for meetings or celebrations?
  • Do you know the songs of Gen Rosso and Gen Verde?
  • Do you have a keyboard or a computer which reproduces MIDI files?
  • Have you got any base already (even composed by yourself) and do you want to share them with the others?
  • Would you like to plunge with us in an experience that involves cyberfriends from all over the world?
I've got a lot of notes... without sense !
Are you thinking what I'm thinking too? Well, this is the site that does for you!
Cybermidi wants to be a simple way to be useful for the others and to exchange with them yours not only musical experiences.
You could unload for free the midifiles already available and, if you would, share all those you've got.
Together... more beautiful ! So, we'll have a “midistore” of songs that we can use for meetings, for celebrations or also only for the joy of listening to them! The bases are not always perfect technically! This means that eachone has the possibility to rearrange them as well as he can and, even, to put again them in circulation in Cybermidi.

In other terms: the experts have to give a little more, but also whoever feels himself “not at the level” has to give his contribution, otherwise where is the exchange?