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MIDI - Someone lets the sun rise

1982 -

1. Life can be love
Gen Rosso


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2. Image of a new world
Gen Rosso
[vers. ITA]

So clear and so simple
is the story of our lives
a book ready open
turn the page and read
the words that chime
like bells that chime.

We all have a dream
could it be too much to hope to see
a world that is free
where men can live as one.

This is not just a fantasy
for we have seen.

The image of a new world,
the image of a new world,
people who live and believe
in a life that really sets you free.

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3. Tell me why?
Gen Rosso
[vers. ITA]

Tell me why
I’m back again today
in these nasty same old ways,
in a world of vanity and waste?

My time,
in my hand’s my time
filled with nothing but emptiness,
of lust, pretence and falseness.
My life,
to what shall I compare my life?
To a muddy stagnant pond?
To an arid deserted land?

who’s got true happiness?
It’s as brief as the morning mist,
light as a feather blown in the wind.

Who am I?
Lost in this masquerade,
blindly imitating, moving,
like a puppet on a sting.
Help me!
Somebody please help me!
I can fool my self no more,
I am dying of loneliness!

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4. Someone lets the sun rise
Gen Rosso
[vers. ITA]

« Someone lets the sun rise on every man,
he causes rain to fall, fall for all ».

Tell me what do you mean?
Explain these words to me.

« Forgive and you shall be forgiven,
do not condemn and you won’t be,
you won’t be condemned ».

Look, they’ve turned against me.
Can’t you see?
Only fear surrounds me!

« You have learned how it was said:
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!
But I say to you: love your enemies,
do good to those who hate you ».

No! It’s absurd to be kind
when others are unkind!

« Don’t judge and you won’t be judged,
’cause judgements you give
are judgements you’ll get in return ».

You’re asking too much.
What if they reject me,
mock me, make a fool of me?

« If a man slaps you on one cheek
offer him the other as well.
If a man should take your cloak
offer him your tunic as well.
And if a man orders you to go one mile,
go two miles with him, go two miles with him ».

I’ve waited so long for this day,
to come along and make us free.
With love our life is so free
it casts away our misery.

We can start again,
we can start again.

« Someone lets the sun rise on every man,
he causes rain to fall, fall for all ».

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5. My life for you
Gen Rosso

You have often asked me Lord
how much I love You.
For well You know what’s in my soul.
Lord, You know what’s so deep in my heart.
I do love You with a love that’s true
and my life I’m living just for You, my Lord.

Ah! There are so many times
when You want me to find You in darkness
and these moments are so hard for me.
But You told me once that pains are gold
in my hands.

But the love You showed to me
is far beyond everything in this life
just for me, You’ve given all You have
now’s my turn to give You all my life.

I’ll follow You, I’ll follow You,
where You want me to.
My life is Yours, I love You so.

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6. Free
Gen Rosso


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7. And the day will dawn
Gen Rosso
[vers. ITA]

Let your mind fly on the wings of hope
and your soul on the path to freedom.
Let your life turn on the tide of wisdom
and happiness be the fruit of your sorrow.
Let God's love bring your heart
to your brother's doorstep
and the day will dawn
when the world will be one.

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8. I’d believe in you
Gen Rosso


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9. Desolata
Gen Rosso  (tratto da “La vita di ogni cosa”)

La brezza sfiora lieve
la tua veste, le tue guance,
ondeggia tra figure ritte in piedi come statue.
Dopo il grido divino di morte
che ha scoperto tutto il mondo
è sceso il silenzio.

Nell’aria non c’è una voce ormai,
è tutto compiuto.
Nell’aria non c’è un lamento orami,
ha vinto la morte.
I tuo sguardo è fermo su quel corpo
irrigidito e solo.
Il mondo si è fermato.

Desolata, desolata, Maria,
vieni a casa mia, vieni a casa mia.

Madre, ti custodirò nella mia casa,
madre, il tuo dolore entrerà nella mia casa,
madre, io ti onorerò con tutta la mia vita,
madre, sei il più grande dono del mio Signore

E la terra trema.
E la terra trema.
Io ti sto vicino.
E la terra trema.
Le guardie hanno paura.
E la terra trema.
Io sono al tuo fianco.

E la terra trema.
Quell’uomo era davvero Dio.
E la terra trema.
Le rocce si spaccano.
E la terra trema.
Il santuario trema.
E la terra trema.
Madre, sto vicino a te.

Desolata, desolata, Maria,
vieni a casa mia, vieni a casa mia.

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10. He is reisen
Gen Rosso


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11. You came by my way
Gen Rosso
[vers. ITA]

You came by my way
and you cheered my life,
in just a short time
our paths merged into one.

We may drift apart,
yet you'll always be near:
in two different worlds
but our life remains the same.
Love is the life we're living:
for us the only way.

This feeling of oneness with you
brings to us heaven on earth.
Our friendship has taken a new meaning.

We may not see each other for long,
but I know that we have loved
and this means the most
this means the most to me.

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